Polish Music Experience

The most energetic recordings of new Polish music this winter! The CD presents works by Kilar, Penderecki, Opałka and Meyer in a spontaneous interpretation of Cracow Duo and Sinfonietta Cracovia conducted by Jurek Dybał.

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Szymanowski Piano Music album nominated for the Fryderyk 2019 in the Album of the Year Solo Recital category!

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Five tuning-forks

Marek Szlezer's CD Szymanowski Piano Music got 5 stars review in prestigious french magazine Diapason

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Works for piano solo:


J. S. Bach - Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, Toccata in G minor, preludes and fugues from DWK and KDF (selection), Second Partita in C minor

J. S. Bach / Busoni - Chorale Preludes (selection)


T. Bądarzewska – Miniatures for  piano (including maiden Prayer, Prayer answered, Mazurek)


A. Błońska - For Alma


Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonata op.10 n.3, op.53, op.57, op.109, op.110


R. Berger - Semplice


J. Brahms - Scherzo in E flat minor op.4, Sonata in F minor op.5, Variations on a Theme by Schumann op.9, Variations on a Theme of Paganini op.35, op.117 3 Intermezzi


F. Chopin - Etude Op.10 (selection), Rondo in E-flat major, op.16, Waltz in E flat major op.18, Ballade in G minor, op.23, op.25 Etudes (selection), op.26 Polonaises, Nocturnes op.27, 24 Preludes op.28 Mazurkas op.30, Ballade in F major oP.32, Rollers op.34, Sonata in B flat minor, op.35, Scherzo in C sharp minor op.39, Polonaises Op.40, Waltz A flat major Op.42, Polonaise in F-sharp minor op.44, Ballade in A flat major op.47, Nocturnes op.48, Fantasie in F minor op.49, Impromptu in G-flat major op.51, Ballade in F minor, Op. 52, Polonaise in A flat major op.53, Berceuse op.57, Sonata in B minor, op.58, op.59 Mazurkas, Polonaise-Fantaisie op.61, Nocturnes op.62


C. Debussy - Images ( I book)


M. Karłowicz – Miniatures for  piano (Among other things, Waltz, Prelude)


T.Z. Kassern - Mazurek


F. Liszt - Fantasy on WA Mozart’s Don Juan theme, Consolations, Paraphrase on. Verdi's operas (Simon Bocanegra, Ernani, Rigoletto), Etudes (selection), Valse-Impromptu


W. Lutoslawski - Bucolics


J. Łuciuk - Piano works (selection)


K. Meyer - Quasi una fantasia op.104, op.121 Sei Intermezzi


W.A. Mozart - Piano Sonata KV 331, KV 332


Z. Mycielski - Preludes


I.J. Paderewski - Piano Sonata in E flat minor, op.21, Miniatures (including Minuet in G major, Sarabande, Legend op.16, Nocturne in B-flat major)


A. Piazzolla - Libertango, Undertango and other tangos arranged for piano solo


S. Prokofiev - Piano Sonata No. 1 and No. 7, Toccata op.11


D. Przybylski - Orpheus and Eurydice


S. Rachmaninov - Etudes-tableaux op.33 and op.39 (set), Moments Musicaux op.16 (choice), Preludes (selection), Variations on a Theme of Chopin Op.22, Sonata in B flat minor op.36 (original version )


L. Rozycki - Polish Dances op.37


F. Schubert - Sonata in B-flat major op.posth., Impromptu in G-flat major op.90


R.Schumann - Symphonic Etudes op.13, Kinderszenen op.16, op.28 Faschingschwank aus Wien


J. Sarnecka - Ballades, Piano Sonata in E flat minor op.9, op.12 Impressions, Impressions op.posth.


K. Serocki - A piacere


M. Stachowski - Cinq petites valses


B. Schaeffer - Model I


Z. Stojowski - Melody op.1, 3 Intermedes op.4


K. Szymanowski - Variations on a Polish folk theme in B minor op.10, Etudes op.4 , Mazurkas op.50 (selection), Prelude and Fugue in c sharp minor


A. Tansman - Piano Sonata no 5, Sonatine Transatlantique, Trois Preludes en forme de Blues, Tempo Americano


A. Walaciński - Piano Sonata



Repertoire for piano and orchestra:


J. S. Bach - Piano Concerto in D minor


Ludwig van Beethoven - Piano Concerto op.37, op.73 Piano Concerto, Fantasia for piano, chorus and orchestra op.80


F. Chopin - Variations on theme La ci darem la mano op.2 after WA Mozart ,Piano Concerto in E minor, op.11, Piano Concerto in F minor op.21


P. Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto in B flat minor, Op. 23


G. Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue


E. Grieg - Piano Concerto op.16


W. Lutoslawski - Piano Concerto


WA Mozart - Piano Concertos KV 414 and KV 466


F. Mendelssohn - Capriccio brillante for piano and orchestra


I.J. Paderewski - Piano Concerto in A minor, op.17


A. Piazzolla - Double Concerto "Hommage a Liege" for piano, cello and chamber orchestra (transcr. M.Szlezer / J.Kalinowski)


S. Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto op.18


K. K. Regamey - Piano Concerto in F sharp minor


R. Schumann - Piano Concerto in A minor, op.54


D. Shostakovich - Piano Concerto for piano, trumpet and string orchestra op.37


M. Ravel - Piano Concerto in G major


A.Tansman - Piano Concerto for the left hand, Symphony Concertante



Selected repertoire of chamber music:


Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonata for cello op.69, op.102 No. 1, Violin Sonata op.30 and op.47, Geister Trio op.70


J. Brahms - Sonata nr 2 for Cello, Violin Sonata in D minor,   Piano Trio op.87, Trio for clarinet, cello and piano op.114, Hungarian Dances for four hands (set), Four major Songs op.121


L. Boulanger - Au Matin du Printemps for flute and piano


N. Boulanger - 3 Pieces for Cello and Piano


F. Chopin - All chamber works (Introduction and Polonaise op.3 Trio op.8, Grand Duo Concertant, Sonata op.65, Rondo in C major, Op. Posthumous. 2 pianos, Variations on a Theme of Moore for four hands ), Song (selection)


C.Debussy - Cello Sonata


H.Duparc - Songs (complete)


C.Franck - Violin Sonata in A Major


E. Grieg - Violin Sonata in A minor


M. Karłowicz - Songs (complete)


W.Lutosławski - Variations on a Theme of Paganini, Partita for violin and piano, Grave for Cello and Piano, Dance Preludes for clarinet and piano


J. Łuciuk - Songs to J. Przyboś, Variations for Cello and Piano


T. Majerski - Cello Sonata, Piano Quintet


B. Martinu - I Cello Sonata, Variations on a Theme by Rossini, Trio for flute, cello and piano


O. Messiaen - Quartet for the End of Time, Chant Done for clarinet and piano


K. Meyer - Sonata for cello and piano, Canzona for cello and piano


WA Mozart - Piano Trio in B-flat major, Song (selection)


M. Mussorgsky - Songs and Dances of Death


I.J. Paderewski - Violin Sonata op.13, 4 Songs to dc. A. Asnyka op.7, 6 Songs to dc. A. Mickiewicz op.18, 12 Songs to dc. Catulle-Mendes op.22


A.Panufnik - Piano Trio op.1


K. Penderecki - Sextet, Miniatures for Clarinet and Piano


A.Piazzolla - Le Grand Tango Adios Nonino, Oblivion arrangements for various groups of intimate


F. Poulenc - Polish Songs, Chansons Gallardes, Sonata for clarinet and piano


S. Prokofiev - Sonata for Cello and Piano


S.Rachmaninow - all chamber works (Two tracks op.2, Two tracks op.6, elegiac Trio in G minor, op.19 Cello Sonata, Piano Trio op.9), Op.45 Symphonic Dances, Songs (selection)


L. Rozycki - Cello Sonata op.10, Nocturnes for Cello and Piano op.30, op.30 Rhapsody for piano trio


F. Schubert - Violin Sonata, Fantasy in F minor, Sonata "Arpeggione" Songs (selection)


R. Schumann - Adagio and Allegro op.70, op.73 Fantasiestücke, Dichterliebe, Kerner lieder


M. Stachowski - mirroir du Temps, Trio for piano clarinet and cello, Recitativo e la preghiera, Tastar e canzona


Z.Stojowski - Cello Sonata in A major, op.18


D.Szostakowicz - Piano Quintet, Op.40 Cello Sonata, Piano Trio in E minor, op.67


K.Szymanowski - Songs (selection) op.9 Violin Sonata, Nocturne and Tarantella op.28, op.30 Myths


A. Tansman - all the works for the piano and cello (including Sonata, Partita, Fantasia), Sonatina for flute and piano


J. Wieniawski - Piano Trio Op.40


W.Żeleński - Piano Trio "Vivos Voco"