Marek Szlezer became part of the Stineway Artists family! "In my performance I am willing to bring to the audience musical experience which will touch somebody's souls and Steinway has always opened for me the soundscape for an incredible range of possibilities to do that. I think this is something most beautiful you can say about an Instrument - Steinway's sound can touch your soul".

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I'm a fairly unusual case

Marek on the cover of the prestigious Piano News magazine! In the middle of the issue, among others interview with Marek - about music and more!

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The latest album by Marek Szlezer, the second solo album he worked on during the pandemic, has been released. It is a return to the roots, to the music of Fryderyk Chopin. On the album, i.a. Chopin's Prelude in E flat minor IFC 124, reconstructed by Marek Szlezer. "Chopin is always personal, and this album is - in a sense - my return home".

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